Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Rand Aid celebrates residents’ lives

 Two lives were toasted at Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre when residents Lynn Kingston and Frank Lucas were ceremoniously handed mini biographies.

Friday, August 26, saw a long-time dream of the care centre’s liaison officer Phyllis Phillips come to fruition, when the first two ‘My Story’ booklets were handed over the Lynn and Frank in the presence of family, friends and loved ones.

The idea was gleaned by Phyllis on a trip to Australia. It involves a friend, volunteer or loved one spending quality time with a resident taking trips down memory lane and capturing his or her story.

A booklet is then produced, complete with photos across the ages.

“This is a therapeutic, meaningful project,” said Phyllis. “Rand Aid is amazing,” she said, in thanking the NPO for supporting the initiative. “Through the people-centred Eden Alternative programme, Rand Aid acknowledges the importance of its residents as individuals – who they are and what they are is as important as the care they receive; we are not just here to look after our residents.”

Lynn’s story was captured by Elphin Lodge resident Jean Johnson, while Frank’s was documented by his wife Pat – who lives at Elphin Lodge – and his daughter Jill Middleton.

“This is a wonderful honour to bestow on my Dad,” said Jill at the hand-over tea, adding that the book will be handed down the generations. Frank has achieved much in his lifetime, including being Mayor of Bedfordview, but his greatest success is the wonderful, close-knit family he heads. All four of his children, a number of his grandchildren and even a great grand-daughter were present on the morning.

Lynn was deprived of oxygen at birth and has lived with cerebral palsy. Despite her challenges, she contributed positively to society, working for 46 years as switchboard operator at her alma mater, Forest Town; and helping to raise Lucky Dinake, who today is a PR councillor for the DA in Bedfordview.

“You might see a little person sitting in a wheelchair,” said author Jean, “but she is phenomenal. A real dynamo.”

“Lynn was and is a mother to me – she was my best friend, substitute mother and partner in crime in our incredibly alternative family. She endured so much difficulty with so much grace and inspired me to be the man I am today,” said Lucky.

Back: Author Jean Johnson; and Ron Smith Care Centre liaison officer Phyllis Phillips, who drove the ‘My Story’ initiative. Front: Lynn Kingston and Lucky Dinake.

Three of the Lucas’ grandsons: Jeremy, Michael and Nicholas.

Pat and Frank Lucas with daughter Jill and great grand-daughter Amelia.

Pat and Frank Lucas (centre) with son Mark on the left, David on the right, and great grand-daughter Amelia on Pat’s knee. Standing at the back are daughters Jill and Lynda.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Women’s Day: Spa Pampering Session at care centre

Resident Frank Lucas with Edenglen High School students Deneel Naidoo, Quewen Kuppusami and Kirsty Potgieter.

Conversation and interaction across the generations

The Occupational Therapy (OT) Activity Centre at Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre was transformed into a Spa on Monday, August 8, 2016, in preparation for a wonderful day of pampering and relaxation for residents and staff.

Held in celebration of Women’s Day, the event organisers ensured that special attention was given to the residents of River Lodge 3, the wing for those living with dementia.

Fourteen grade 11 students from Edenglen High School, along with their teacher Debbie Cloud, joined OT staff and volunteers in offering their services as ‘Spa Beauty Therapists’ for the day.

Aside from all the visiting, laughter and chatting that took place, the students took part in a chair exercises session for the residents and then served tea and some delicious muffins which they brought along with them. Then it was on to the pampering session, where both male and female residents were treated to their choice of beauty/relaxation treatments, including hand and foot massages, manicures, pedicures and/or make up sessions.
The students donated some sponsored nail care and beauty products, which added to the choices on offer.

The residents thoroughly enjoyed their day and especially loved the interaction and loving care given out by the younger generation. Residents Lorraine Lowden and Colleen Daly said, “This day has been so much fun!” and Janet Smart couldn’t stop admiring her nails, which student Saiyuri Tshworlal had just finished painting.

“My nails match my outfit!” she exclaimed. Student Keagan Roos said that he enjoys working with people and making a difference in their lives, and he was happy to have met the care centre residents who are so special, he added.

After lunch, it was the care centre staff’s turn to be pampered, and they so appreciated being told: “Sit back, relax and enjoy. You work very hard and we are here to give you a treat!”

Learners Callie Allison and Saiyuri Tshworlal with resident Lorraine Lowden.

Debbie Christen, Rand Aid’s Manager Recreational Programmes, remarked: “The way we celebrated this Women’s Day blossomed into a special day for all. Men and women, young and old, residents, staff and students all had the opportunity to be enriched. In giving care to one another, each one received in return. It was a beautiful, fun day filled with the blessing of connecting with others and creating magical moments.”

 Lynette Saville and Keagan Roos.

Conversation across the generations: Elaine van Heerden, Sanelisiwe Ngobese, Zandi Zwane and Kaycee Joubert.

 Edenglen High School students with their teacher, Debbie Cloud ( far right), resident Cecily Ryder (centre) and Marisa Sabato (volunteer, far left).

Isaac Poulton gets a relaxing foot massage from Deneel Naidoo.

Time for a chat… Ziyan Sattar and Etienne Geyser. 

Saiyuri Tshworlal and Janet Smart:  “Look—my nails match my outfit!”

Lorraine Lowden gets her nails painted by Sanelisiwe Ngobese.

Molly Matroos and learner Nikiwe Khumalo are all smiles.

Colour me pretty… Kanya Vuza and Nikki Els.

Eleanor Motsepe – Day Care (centre) with her two daughters  Mmaikeletsi Dube (left) and Kabelo Motsepe (right).

You gotta hand it to them… Ziyan Sattar, Nico Gaddi and Deneel Naidoo.

Sarah van Tonder enjoys some pampering from Keagan Roos.

 Zandi Zwane gives ENA Merium Netshifhefhe a much-needed massage.

Sister Dorcas Moalusi bonds with Nikiwe Khumalo.

Saiyuri Tshworlal transforms Olga Tivane’s nails.

Kirsty Potgieter gives hard-working Hilda Mabaso a treat.

Housekeeping staff member Nomsa Shabangu gets her nails done by Saiyuri Tshworlal.

Nikiwe Khumalo gives Lou Mer a massage.

Keagan Roos gives Lynne Russell a soothing hand massage.

Foot spa… Kirsty Potgieter and Winsome Green.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Elphin Lodge has Mandela Day all knitted up

Rand Aid’s Elphin Lodge Complex held a Crochet/Knit-a-ton for Mandela Day on Monday, July 18. Staff members, residents from Elphin Lodge village and elders from the Ron Smith Care Centre enthusiastically participated, seeing who could complete the most knitting or crocheting in the allotted 67 minutes. The completed squares will be joined to make blankets which will be donated to the less fortunate. Pictured is Shirley McTaggart hard at work. 


Greer James was the knitting queen, having completed 102 rows. In second place was Vera Lenthall and third was Jean Johnson. The fastest with a crochet needle was Aletha de Klerk, who managed three squares. Irma Lederman (two squares) was second and Rae Hurwitz (one-and-a-half squares) was third.

At 94, village resident Erica Penney showed the younger folk a thing or two as her fingers flew and her laughs came readily. Knitting alongside her was neighbour Wendy Köhler.

Ron Smith Care Centre caregiver Rodney Baloyi was all thumbs but a good sport at the Knitathon.

Margarit Beattie and Elaine van Heerden share a laugh while hard at work for a good cause.

Salina Mtshali teaches Debbie Christen how to crochet.

Bunny Marks.

Volunteer Dara Migliore.

Rudzani Nengudza from Housekeeping.

 Pam Moodley from accounts.

Lee-ann Ramathibela and OT Bianca Richards.

Asnath Sithole from Housekeeping.

Hilda Mabaso, the head of Housekeeping.

Vivian Mphaso, who is part of the catering staff.

Shirley Makwarela with resident Colleen Blowe.

Salina Mtshali, OTT.


First prize knitting winner Greer James (102 rows) with Adrienne Reid.

Second prize knitting winner Vera Lenthall (60 rows – casted off) with Adrienne Reid.

Third prize winner knitting Jean Johnson (60 rows, still casting off) with Adrienne Reid.

First prize crocheting winner Aletha de Klerk (three squares) with Adrienne Reid.

 Second prize crocheting winner Irma Lederman (two squares) with Adrienne Reid.

Hot drinks, cake and loved ones served up at afternoon tea

Resident Lorna Liddiard (bottom right) with her daughter Lindsey Sforza (left), her son in-law Felize (top left) and volunteer Veronique Wilson.

Sunday Tea on River Lodge 3

Sunday tea with loved ones made the afternoon of July 10 that much sweeter for residents of Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre.

A large gathering of people came together for the lovely tea that was hosted on River Lodge 3, the special wing for those living with dementia. Residents were joined by their families and all the staff and volunteers working and assisting on the wing.

Whole families came along with children and turned out in numbers to enjoy Sunday tea with their mom, dad or granny.  A huge variety of delicious sweet and savoury eats was generously and abundantly provided by the wing’s special volunteers and was appreciated by all. 

One guest commented that it was food fit for a wedding reception, whilst another remarked: “What a delightful surprise -- I thought we would get koeksisters and tea!”

Debbie Christen, Rand Aid’s Manager: Recreational Programmes, introduced many of the people who are involved in the residents’ daily lives and who, in one way or another, give them the love, care and attention that they need and deserve. 

Nursing, housekeeping, occupational therapy, kitchen, admin, and management staff, as well as 12 of the volunteers who are dedicated to River Lodge 3, were all introduced. She explained that all these people along with all the family members, are known as Care Partners, and acknowledged them for their contribution to the care and well being of the River Lodge 3  residents living with dementia. 

Zabeth Zühlsdorff, Rand Aid’s GM Services & Advance Division, thanked the volunteers for the huge support that they give to the care centre. “Their care and concern for the residents is remarkable and we cannot do without their input.”

As part of Rand Aid’s commitment to practising person-centred care, each family was asked at the tea to get together with their loved one and fill out an information form which was created to help all care partners know each person and their histories, needs and interests a bit better.

This activity gave the families of dementia residents the opportunity to meaningfully engage with each other and to chat about the residents’ lives. The information recorded will help the care centre see beyond the disease of dementia and to know each elder as a whole person. 

The Sunday Tea was a wonderful way to bring all the care partners together and to celebrate life, families and memories and to offer each other support and encouragement in caring for Ron Smith Care Centre’s special residents living with dementia.

Resident Betty Hood (second from left) with her son Robert Hood (far left), great grandson, Nathan Owens (third from left) and granddaughter Sally Owens.

Resident Winsome Green (centre) with her son, Shaun Green, and daughter, Lauren Hall.

Gloria Caruso with her daughter, Lucia McMullan.

Zabeth Zuhlsdorff and Helen Petrie with River Lodge 3 staff.

Sarah van Tonder with granddaughter, Tanya Kearney.

Katrina Diedericks with volunteer Margaret O’Donoghue.

Resident Gloria Caruso’s gorgeous granddaughter Sienna.

 Eddie and Joy Carton.

Resident Howard Motau (second from left) with his son Semadi, granddaughter Boati, and daughter in-law Asmeralda.

The Lospoto clan came out in full force to enjoy Sunday Tea with their loved one, Anna Lospoto.