Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Bonnet Parade

Elphin Lodge had its annual Easter Bonnet Parade yesterday.  This was a fun and colourful morning, with a few surprises here and there :)

This year we had a French lady, Micheline who entertained us with a few songs.  Combine that with hot cross buns, a cup of tea and two rabbits called Snoekie and George, as well as a rainbow of wonderful, colourful hats, and you have the perfect recipe for a fun-filled morning.  

Here are some of the photos of the morning:

A very happy Mrs Rachel Whitehorn

Complex Manager Helen Petrie decided to put the Bunny back into Easter

Mr Bob Papenfus, who won a price for the Sexiest Hat

And the Most Colourful Hat -  Mrs Anna Marks

Meet Snoekie, our little visitor from Our Pets (Edenvale).  Volunteer Carole Tank introducing Snoekie to Mrs Anna Lospoto.

*Snoekie got renamed quite a few times:

  • Isaac
  • John
  • Fluffy Little Bunny 

It was also mistaken for a bird at one stage (huh?).

Nonetheless, Snoekie and George were such a surprise for the Elders and they enjoyed their company a lot.  Animals definitely have a very healing effect on people and immediately bring out that "Caring Instinct", even in some of the more despondent people.

Some of our residents that came to the Reading Group that afternoon (led by volunteer Lorna van Heerden) were so excited about their hats that they wanted to wear them again.  Lorna also got her own hat and they had their own little "Mad Hatter Party"

Lorna van Heerden ready for an afternoon full of interesting articles, jokes and short stories...

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