Friday, 1 March 2013

All you need is love :)

There's no better time of the year to show your love than around Valentine's Day.

We began celebrating Valentine's Day on the Monday before the Big Day when we started making decorations for our party, cut out quotes about love and reminisced about long-lost love stories. We had a beautiful Valentine's party on Tuesday, the 12th of February, organised by the volunteers.  And then we had three Valentine's parties on the 14th. So we definitely felt the love here at Ron Smith Care Centre ...

Here are some of the photos :)

The ward was beautifully decorated by the volunteers.

Everyone received red flowers to wear :)

  Edith Bernardis loved the heart biscuits that were made especially for the residents.

OT's theme for Valentine's day :)

Dinah (OTT) with Anna Marks (left) and Liba Chromy (right).

Ivan Langenstrass, who was our Valentine's Casanova, made many a lady's heart skip a beat when he gave them a Valentine's Kiss.  Here he is with Helen Viljoen.

Lorna Smith really took our theme to heart.  She also painted most of the fishes for us.

Selwyn Katz enjoying his cupcake that he decorated himself.

We had a visitor - Scruffy who sings a Valentine's tune while his ears move.  The residents loved Scruffy and he brought lots of smiles and laughs.  Here Liba Chromy is listening to the song.

John Lee decided to take interacting with Scruffy to the next level.  Scruffy will never be the same again.

This is one of my favourite videos so far.  See how Anna Marks interacts with Scruffy :)

Lakeside also looked very festive.

Joy Mowat from Lakeside wanted to see Scruffy sing several times.

Riverlodge 3 Party.  Edith Bernardis and Erica Behla busy with crafts after they had their Valentine cupcakes.

Noel Tilney didn't want to let go of Scruffy.

Happy Valentine's Day from Joe Rosen

Hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day and remember...

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