Monday, 3 June 2013

Fruit, flowers and creativity...

Despite the season changing and colours fading, the colours and smells in OT will NEVER FADE. Our beautiful residents recently had the chance to be creative with flower arranging and making fresh fruit salad (I can assure you no canned products were used!). As you will see from the pictures, we have very creative people among us!

 Beryl Moll and Johanna sharing a delicious fruit salad - see they even found space for a winter melon in there!

 John Lee basking in fruit salad glory.

 Cecily Ryder and Esther Rohald share a joke over some fresh guava.

Anna Marks and Liba Chromy did not have time for talking... 

Betty Haughton made short work of the paw paw.

 Sisters Shirley (left) and Eva (right) with assistance from Mabel (middle) came up with this wonderful creation.

 Marjorie Gittings having fun... plain and simple!
 Helen Viljoen and Ivan Langenstrass sharing a joke whilst waiting for the activity to start.
Lorna Smith (back left) and Liba Chromy (front) concentrating on the finishing touches and Cecily Ryder (back right) raring to go.