Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Senior Citizen tea and Christmas carols at St Mary's

On the 21st of November our residents were invited to St. Mary's school for a Senior Citizens tea , while being entertained by their school choir with lovely Christmas carols.The room was full of smiles and laughter our residents really had a great day.

 Mr. Alec and Mrs Margaret Beattie

 Mrs Betty Haughton (left) and Mrs Irene Jarman(right)

 Ms Dina Van Holthoon (left) accompanied by her care-worker Priscilla and Mr.Richard Nebe (right)

 Ms. Muriel Tintinger (right) with Ms. Colleen Daly on her Left enjoying her pudding

 Cecily Ryder(left)and Ms. Aletha de Klerk(right) embracing the Christmas spirit with their pink and blue hats

 Rosalind Benjamin(left) and Ms. Heather Zipp (right)

 Isabella Pirie fulls of smiles and laughter with the St Mary's school girls

 Mr. Gordon and Mrs Joy Smith with St Mary's school girls

Ms. Kitty Venn (left) and Rob Wilson(far right) accompanied by St Mary's girls

Our Residents had an amazing day out at St. Mary's school Senior Citizens tea and would like to extend a warm and big Thank you to the school for all their hard work and for making our residents feel so loved and special.
Thank You St Mary's School!

Making Christmas Crackers

Busy busy busy was what our OT department was on Monday morning after a good Chair Exercise workout group

TEAMWORK goes a long way!
 Fay Freedman (left) and Margaret Beattie (right) working together to make Christmas crackers

 This table made the most Christmas Crackers.Mr David Streicher filling the toilet roll with a treat and message next to his care-worker Z(left) who assisted the residents with the tying of the ribbon, Mr Jack Fry Cutting out the Pictures

 Aletha De Klerk (left) and Lilian Christie(right) being assisted by one of the Volunteers Helen Dix

 Rosalind Benjamin doing a fine job with Cutting our all of the pictures for our decorations

Priscilla , care worker assisting Jeanette Wiener with making the Christmas Crackers

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Beadwork & Chess

 Mrs Abrams Daughter came to join her at OT for the day

Mrs Shirley Abrams (left) Mayble (care worker)

 Mrs Aletha De Klerk (left) and Mrs Blanche Kaplan (rights)

 Lee-Ann (lifestyle assistant) assisting John Lee with his bead work (left) and Rob Wilson being assisted by Bianca(OT)

 Mr George Bracco  and Mr Jack Fry  playing a good game of chess after many years

Mrs Benjamin doing a mighty good job with the beading activity

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


 Mrs De Klerk (left) & Mrs Christie(right)

 Volunteer Evelyn Neuhaus (left) assisting Isabella Pirie(right) with her weaving

 Heather Zipp (left) Cecily Ryder (middle) being assisted by Volunteer Uta Heininger

Joy Smith (left) assisted by Porter Sandile (right)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fun on River lodge 3

 Marie assisting Salina (OTT) 

 Salina (OTT) running the baking group in River lodge 3
 Residents enjoying their yummy fruit salad


Oh yes who said the elder can't participate in activities such as Tai chi???
Our residents absolutely loved and enjoyed this Tai chi demonstration on the 21/10/2014.
Your never too old to learn or try  something new!!!

Even our staff got a good stretch..

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Lotto entertainment for October 2014

This month our residents were entertained by Dance Cats dancers, our residents thoroughly enjoyed the dancing, few residents looked as though they were going to get out their chairs and join them on the floor.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Making Bird Feeders

 Liba Chromy & Reniette Durant

 Lilian Christie

 Bertha Hennings

 Elizabeth DeVilliers

Craft Activities in the OT Department

 Our completed Vases and flowers made from recycled products

 Spring is in the air

 Grass Heads... Residents are waiting in anticipation for the hair to start growing...

Our Craft Table.The residents of Elphin Lodge have been very very busy 

September Lotto Concert Elvis Impersonator

 Mr Ken Thomas Entertained our Residents for this months Lotto Concert, our residents thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment

 Very Good Elvis Impersonator!!!

 Lorna Smith Enjoying Elvis's singing

Recia Jacowich singing along with Elvis

Iris Downs (Left) with our very own Elvis Presley, Margaret Beattie (Right) having a good laugh.