Friday, 6 February 2015

Volunteer Rave Workshop

 What a lovely turn-out we had for our Volunteers RAVE workshop on the 30th of January 2015 in the OT department, welcoming both old and new volunteers as well as the sisters of each unit.

  Thinking hard as they filled in their person-centred care forms

 People Bingo, Our volunteers were asked to go around and find out stuff about each other.

 Even our general manager Zabeth Zulhsdorff got involved.

Denise (left) lends a hand on a Thursday while Sheryl (right) keeps our residents fit in her gym classes held on a Monday morning in OT.

 Intrigued by their surprise goodie bags - what could be inside?

 Handprint trees.

It's all about team work, working together as a family.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Baking, Baking, Baking...

Salina (OTT) assists Mr David Streicher left his waffle from the waffle maker.
Ms Aletha De Klerk (left) makes herself a scrumptious waffle while Mr David Streicher (right) adds toppings to his.

 Ms Heather Zipp being assisted by Lee-ann (lifestyle assistant).

 Mrs Margaret Beattie having a go at making her own waffle.

 Ms Heather Zipp (left) makes flapjacks for her table while Ms Bernadina Van Holthoon (right) looks on.

 Mrs Margaret Beattie makes flapjacks for her table with the assistance of Mrs Valerie Lindsay (left) and Gordon Smith.

 Ms Aletha De Klerk makes flapjacks for her table.

Mrs Cynthia Du Toit tried her hand at making flapjacks on her first day at OT.

Crafts (beadwork& bookmarkers)

 Ms Molly Matroos busy making her book marker (right) with Joyce (left).

 Lifestyle assistant Lee-anne assisting Ms Rosalind Benjamin with her book marker.

Ms Aletha De Klerk being creative with beadwork on her bookmarker.

 Mrs Louise Carless (day care resident) busy with her beadwork on her bookmarker.

 Volunteer Dorothea (left) assists residents with beadwork while Mrs Doreen Wilcock thinks hard about her design (right).

 Olga (care worker) assists Rob Wilson (right) and Doreen Wilcock (left).

The end product of some of our residents' bookmarkers. So much hard work and dedication went into this activity.