Monday, 13 April 2015

February Lotto event 2015

 Lindsey from Ability Assist with her table of assistive devices that were on sale at the event.

 Howard the Shoe Man with his range of bags and shoes.

 What a lovely turnout for our first lotto event of the year! Our residents really enjoyed Mr Hullet on the saxophone.

 Mr. Hullet on his saxophone.

 We even have clothing stalls set up at our lotto event once a month.You will be amazed at the lovely items you will find on sale.

Mr Hullet giving his lungs a good workout.

Easter Hats prep

 Cecily Ryder.

 Volunteer Helen Dix (left) assisting Lilian Christie.

Valerie Lindsay.

 Isabella Pirie.

 Community service student Zeandri (right) assisting Isabella Pirie with her Easter hat.

 Joseph Rosen.

 Reinette Durant, a Day Care Centre visitor.

 Heather Zipp.

 Rosalind Benjamin.

 John Lee.

 Berle and Robert Wilson.

 Dina van Holthoon with care worker Priscilla,

 Volunteer Alex (right) with Frank Lucas.

 Patchappen Ramalingum.

 Lorna Smith.

 Lee-anne Ramathibela (lifestyle assistant) with Joy Smith (right).

 All you need is a little helping hand to get the process going, Valerie Lindsay (right) with volunteer Helen Dix; and Isabella Pirie (left) with community service student Zeandri.

 Ivan Langenstrass.

Even Debbie Christen, the new Recreational Manager, got involved in the festivities.

Lotto (Easter Hat Bonnet Parade)

 The hall was filled with smiles and clapping with dance entertainment from the RSCC and Elphin staff members for our Easter hat bonnet parade on the 8th April 2015

 Dawn Hazzard (left) with Winsome Green (Right)

 Katrina Diedericks with her petite blue Easter hat

 Dance entertainment from Elphin and RSCC staff 

Mrs Van de Merwe enjoying the music.

 The residents all decked out in their Easter bonnets.

 Hats, hats and more hats!
 Bianca Richards, OT, setting out the Easter hats. 

 Morris Kahn, a Day Care Centre visitor.

Care worker Olga (left) with Doreen Wilcock.
 Patchappen Ramalingum.

 Robert Wilson, who was voted the person wearing the most Jaunty Hat at the Parade.

 Isabella Pirie, always full of smiles.

 John Lee.

 Dina van Holthoon, whose hat took first place.
 RSCC and Elphin staff members.

 Marlene Gordon from Elphin Village won the second prize.
 Frieda Le Sueur.

 Valerie Lindsay.

 Rosalind Benjamin and Heather Zipp.

 It was all about the flowers.

 June Branthwaite from Elphin Village won the Spring Flower Delight hat prize!

 Lilian Christie.

 Frank Lucas.

 Doreen Wilcock from River lodge 2 won the most Colourful Hat prize!

 Robert Wilson from River Lode 2 won the most Jaunty Hat.

 Reinetter Durand from the Day Care Centre came third in the Easter Bonnet Parade.

 Marlene Gordon from Elphin Village, second place!

 And the winner is...... Dina Van Holthoon (right), who is pictured with Suzie Webber from accounts (left). 
 Congratulations and well done to all our winners  and residents who participated in the Easter Bonnet Parade!