Tuesday, 28 July 2015


On July 16, staff members of the Cedar Park wing embraced the international day launched in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s birthday on July 18, 2009, by reaching out to the team of Servest gardeners who maintain the grounds of both the care centre and Elphin Lodge retirement village.

Takasani (left), Ivan Langford (middle) and Maggie (right).

 Front row: Rita Harvey (left) with Joy Smith (right).
Second row: Sr Dorcus Moalusi (left) with Hilda Mabaso (right).

Back row, from left to right: Emily, Eric, Samson,Adolphina, Joseph,Maggie and Ester.
Middle row: Gordon, Hector, Tshishiwa, Joseph and Thiyhauhuaki.
Front row: Lisbon, Question and Goodman.

Rita Harvey with Joy Smith. 

  Cedar Park’s Sister Dorcas Moalusi, care workers, Housekeeper Hilda Mabaso and some members of the kitchen staff  teamed up to provide a delicious soup and bread lunch to the hard-working gardeners from Servest. With music from the Soweto String Quartet and Brenda Fassie playing in the background, the garden crew, the care staff and some residents enjoyed lunch outdoors in the beautiful winter sunshine. 

Enough to go around! Rand Aid Association employee Emily Thabang with the pot of hearty soup.

Emily, Ester, Helen and Hilda.

Vivian from the kitchen, care worker Thakalani, domestic worker Emily and care worker Francinah.

Ester (careworker), Elliot (handyman), Hilda (housekeeper), Hugh (handyman) with resident Gordon.

 Residents Joy Smith handed out gifts of a beanie and scarf to the Servest workers, telling them it was to “help them keep them warm this winter”.

Back row (left to right): Eric, Emily, Samson, Ester and Joseph.
Middle row: Hector, Tshishiwa, Joseph and Thiyhauhuaki.
Front row (left to right): Sr Dorcus, Lisbon, Goodman and Question. 

Servest workers enjoying their soup prepared by staff and residents from Cedar Park.

Servest workers Hector and Lisbon. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Making Vetkoek

The activity centre had a very busy baking morning in the kitchen on 17 July 2015 

 Salina Mtshali (OTT) with resident Lynette Saville.

 Molly Matroos (left) with volunteer Inge Maschek preparing the jam for each table.

 Nikki Else grating the cheese.

Resident  Nikki Else preparing the vetkoek dough before it goes into the pot.

 Salina Mtshali (OTT) with Rita Harvey (right).

 Molly Matroos preparing the cheese for each table.

 Salina Mtshali (left) with Rita Harvey (right).
Nikki Else.

Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles

 Denyce Hancox with her daughter Michelean completing a 500-piece puzzle.

Denyce Hancox. 
 Denyce Hancox with one of the community service students.
 John Lee completing a 12-piece puzzle. 

John Lee (left) and Patchappen Ramalingum (right) puzzle things out.

  Rosa Benjamin proud of completing her 60-piece puzzle.

 Denyce Hancox (right) with Colleen Blowe (left), moving up onto a 1000-piece puzzle after completing the 500-piece dolphin puzzle.