Thursday, 3 September 2015

Mandela Day Tea @ RSCC on the 18th of July 2015

Mandela Day Tea on the wings sponsored by Rawson Properties on the 18th of July 2015.
A huge thank you to Rawson Properties for making our residents' Mandela Day special.

Back row: Bea Barbeli (sales partner at Rawson Properties), Chedima Oheagbu, Bernice Ward,        Tracey Eales, Philip Eales and Rebecca Moilagkomo.
Front row: Lynette Mostert, Tando Ncube and Rodi Barbeli. 

Bea Barbeli (left) and Bernice Ward (right) with Sister Tando Ncube.

Philip Eales from Rawson Properties with Gordon and Joy Smith. 

The late Winifred Raynham (left) and Gillian Holliman (right) enjoy their tea with a muffin specially made by Rawson Properties staff members.

Volunter Marissa Sabato (left), Chedima Oheagbu from Rawson Properties and resident Aletha De Klerk.

Hentie Benson (left) with care worker China Matsane.

Careworker Patricia Motibane with resident Molly Kahn (right). 

Sister Tando Ncube with resident Jane Hart Davis.

Sister Tando Ncube with resident Joan Bellew.

Staff from Woodlands, Rawson Properties employees and volunteers
Back row (left to right): Lynette Mostert, Grace Tshikalnge, Marissa Sabato, Gwen Coutinho and Chedima Oheagbu.
Front row: Odette Matamba, Monica Sabato, Florah Motgoane and China Masane.

Queen Maifo looking stunning in her traditional wear.

Daisy Maloba and Queen Maifo, staff from River Lodge 3.

Resident Katrina Diedericks (left) with Rodi Barbeli, Tracey Eales and her niece Cassandra Mostert.

Careworker Johanna Lamola (left) with resident Hilary Sidelsky (right).

ENA Beauty Mohale (left) with resident Isabella Pirie (middle) and Bea Barbeli (right) from Rawson Properties.

Bea Barbeli (left) from Rawson Properties with Erik Lisk.

Phatlhedi Thokolo with resident Shirley McGregor (middle) and Mamsi Ramgogobedi (right).

Staff members of River lodge 2: Johanna Lamola, Phatlhedi Thokolo, Rebecca Moilagkomo, Lungile Mlhongo, Mamsi Ramgogobedi, Julia Molotsi, Caroline Maluleke, Beauty Mohale and Rose Shai.

Sylvia Walt (left) with  her sister Freda Taitz.

Muffins sponsored by Rawson Properties.

Walking into the entrance of River Lodge 3.

Residents, staff and family from Lakeside get together to make banners to decorate their home for Mandela Day.

Flapjacks - A morning of baking and enjoying

Day care resident Barry Walker (left) mixes the batter for his flapjacks the old fashioned way, using a whisk. With him is Margaret Beattie.

Resident Nikki Else being assisted by Volunteer Inge Maschek.

Residents Molly Matroose (left) and Colleen Blowe (right) help each other make flapjack batter.

A debate over who is going to mix the batter. 

Molly was more than happy to let Colleen do the mixing.

Aletha de Klerk taking the easy way out with an electric mixer.

Time to grease up the pan!

  Time to tuck in! From left to right: Barry Walker, Margaret Beattie, Volunteer Edna van Rensburg, Betty Haughton, Aletha de Klerk, and Joy and Gordon Smith.

Betty adds syrup and cinnamon to the flapjacks for her table while Aletha makes perfectly round flapjacks.

Hmmmm, don't they look divine?

Betty Hood (left) with Lynette Saville and  Nikki Else.

Heather Zipp doing a good job with those flapjacks.