Monday, 27 March 2017

Care centre hosts happy hour

Germinah Baloyi and June Smith celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Colour me green!

On the morning of March 14, the staff and residents of Ron Smith Care Centre’s Lakeside wing excitedly began preparations for the supper and happy hour that they were hosting later on in the early evening. 

Residents from the other five wings at the Rand Aid-run care centre had been invited to join them for an evening of fun and fellowship.  As the theme was St Patrick’s Day, there was going to be some green food on the menu and lots of shamrocks and green balloons as part of the décor. 

The morning began with some of the Lakeside residents and their neighbours from River Lodge 1, preparing vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with green icing.  Then there were the shamrocks to be cut out, the wine to be chilled and the green punch and other snacks to be prepared.
The evening was enjoyed by many, as folks sang and clapped along to the Irish tunes and other songs sung by the staff. Their knowledge about Ireland and all things Irish was also tested with a fun quiz, with such questions as:  What are the three ingredients in an Irish coffee? In another question, they were asked to complete this song:

When Irish eyes are smiling,
Sure tis like the morn in spring,
In the lilt of Irish laughter
You can hear the angels_____________.

The guests were delighted with the surprise green cupcakes for dessert (made especially for them by their fellow residents) and at the end of the evening, Cedar Park resident Anastasia Thula stood up and thanked everyone for a very pleasant time, saying that “it was indeed a very happy hour!”

Lakeside residents Irene Jarman and Sylvia Lasarow get busy with the cupcake batter.

Look what we made! Peggy Roberts, Martha  Mabuyela, Josephine Kew,  Molly Matroos and Joan Patton proudly show off their cupcakes.

Louise Newman stirs up something good.

Peggy Roberts.

St Patrick’s Day Trio: Tondani Mudau, Nikiwe Thengwayo and Lungile Mhlongo.

Lee- Ann Ramathibela and Louise Newman. 

The famous green cupcakes.

Lakeside staff warm up their vocal cords for the singing at Happy Hour:  Tondani Mudau, Martha Mabuyela, Jennifer Sigada, Julia Mali, Nikiwe Thengwayo. Germinah Baloyi and Lungile Mhlongo.

Julia Mali, Jennifer Sigida & Margaret Richardson.

Care Centre residents enjoying the Happy Hour on Lakeside.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Happy birthday dear Rita!

A cake and a huge card from Ron Smith Care Centre made resident Rita Harvey smile on her birthday, celebrated on March 5. She turned 85th.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dementia Support Group


Dementia is a slow deterioration in memory, thinking & reasoning ability.  The most common form of Dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that results in a gradual loss of brain cells & disruption & deterioration in daily functioning.  The affected person may show signs of confusion about time & place, problems with words, personality & mood changes, social withdrawal, decline in problem-solving abilities & planning, and have difficulties understanding visual images.
When Dementia is suspected or diagnosed within a family, it is often met with various responses such as distress, sadness, denial, unreasonable hope, anger, fear & confusion.  At this stage, family members may not know where to turn for help & support.

Lorna Quinn (BA, BA Hons (Psych), MTh – Unisa) is a qualified counsellor registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, who has many years experience in facilitating support groups for the families & caregivers of those affected by Dementia.  She currently runs a support group at Elphin Lodge, and will be offering a second support group in April.

Group One –will continue to meet on the second Saturday of every month at 9H30 in either the Elphin Clubhouse or Card room.
Group Two – this is a brand new support group which has its first meeting on TUESDAY, 4TH APRIL at 10H00 in the Elphin Boardroom.

Joining a support group can become a vital resource to families and caregivers. You will:
v  Gain new knowledge & information about Alzheimer’s & learn new skills for adjusting and coping.
v  Gain a better understanding of the behavior of those with memory & cognitive impairment and how they experience life.
v  Share and have social contact with others who are “in the same boat” and be supported in a non-judgmental way.
v  Receive referrals to medical experts & others for the effective treatment and care of those living with Dementia.
v  Be given support & care as you go through each stage of Dementia with your loved one.

Contact Lorna Quinn
Cell:  082 4565692; Email:

* Rand Aid Association sponsors these Support Groups as a service to the families & caregivers of their residents, and therefore there is no cost to the participants.