Monday, 26 June 2017

Staff pull together during strike

Ron Smith Care Centre had cause to stop and give thanks recently for the wonderful people in its employ.

On June 15, 2017, without much advanced warning, certain Gauteng taxi organisations embarked on protest action. The taxi strike meant that some staff members were unable to get to work and this could have seriously impacted on the care centre’s residents’ care. However, a group of dedicated employees took the decision to sleep over to ensure continuity of care for the elders.

“When those staff members who live within close proximity to the care centre were contacted, they arrived without hesitation assist and ensure our residents were cared for and all meals served on time to our elders,” says Matron Avril Maltman, Rand Aid’s Senior Nursing Manager.

“Housekeeping personnel also volunteered to work past their scheduled time to assist where they could, despite it being the start of a long weekend. This endorses the true spirit of our commitment to caring for our elders at the Ron Smith Care Centre,” says Matron Maltman, thanking the staff members for the dedication.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Ron Smith holds School Days Tea

Rand Aid staff members Bianca Richards, Lee-Ann Ramathibela and Hilda Mabaso (back) with Josephine Kew and Ann Brokensha.

To mark Youth Day, the residents of Rand Aid’s care centre took the time to remember their own school days.

With many residents having left school over 60 years ago, they had to delve deep into their memories to recall their days of blackboards, chalk and inkwells.

Held on June 15, the School Days Tea saw residents and staff borrowing school uniforms from their families, whilst others used what they could find to recreate their school attire.

A lovely tea, which included sandwiches, sausage rolls and home-made cupcakes, was enjoyed by all. Resident Joy Smith, announced:  “This is certainly a lot nicer than the school lunches we used to have!”

Mariana Duvenage and Louise Newman remember their school days over a cup of tea.

Jethro Blair joins his grandmother, Phyllis Blair, for tea.

Enjoying the tea and home-made goodies is Elizabeth Andrews who is from Recuperative Care.

Beulah Leor-Lever, Eunice Sibeni and Rosina Pretorius.

Hilary Kirkby, Debbie Christen, Tanya Switala, Salina Mtshali, Suzie Webber, Lee-Ann Ramathibela, Marisa Sabato and Bianca Richards.

 Jane Hart-Davies and Irene Ndou.

Monday, 19 June 2017

New at Ron Smith Care Centre: Croquet anyone?

Irene Jarman (left) and Debbie Christen (right) give Sylvia Laserow encouragement as she prepares to take her shot. 

A few residents at Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre recently decided that they would like to re-engage in a certain past-time of their more youthful days – croquet!  So out came the wickets, mallets and balls which all needed a good dusting off, as it had been some time since they had been in use.

The first croquet session with care centre residents took place on June 2 and as all the participants were a bit rusty, they had to first re-learn and polish up their ball skills.  In addition, there were a number of people (residents and staff) who needed to be taught what to do, as the game of croquet was totally new to them. The players were very diverse in their physical abilities and whilst some residents were mobile enough to move around the croquet course, others gamely attempted the sport seated, or from their wheelchairs.

The second croquet session occurred on June 9 and one could already see improved ability and confidence. And to  make things more exciting,  some of the seated residents were in competition with each other to see who would be first to hit 10 balls through a wicket placed in front of them.

Debbie Christen, Rand Aid’s Manager: Recreational Programmes comments:

“The residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had lots of fun. It is very satisfying to hear the whack of one’s mallet making contact with the ball and even more satisfying when one manages to knock it through a wicket. It was lovely to see folks enjoying a bit of gentle sport and exercise in the beautiful Johannesburg winter sunshine, and inspiring to see their determination and competitive spirt come to the fore. And of course, a spot of tea when the games were over, went down very well indeed.”

Kedibone Shongoane lines up her shot and shows fine form for her first attempt at croquet!

Isaac Poulton looking strong. 

 Debbie Christen gives Sylvia Laserow a few pointers. 

Peter Barker shows us the way it’s done.

Louise Newman and Debbie Christen have a laugh as Louise tries to get to grips with a roll-y ball. 

June Smith – an inspiration to us all. 

Christine Kincaid-Smith concentrates on her shot whist Bianca Richards looks on. 

Looking like seasoned players -  Enzo Merolla and Christine Kincaid-Smith.

From top left to right - the competitors:  June Smith, Margaret Richardson, Irene Jarman, Sylvia Laserow and Louise Newman.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Garden therapy continues to add colour to care centre

 The second Garden Therapy session at Ron Smith Care Centre on May 24 saw participating residents from the special dementia wing planting violas, dianthus and verbena. Pictured enjoying the moment are Ndifelani Mavhila and Betty Hood.

Val Smith.

Ethel Ramahuma, David Eatock, Val Smith and Salina Mtshali.

Howard Motau.

Val Smith and volunteer Elaine Ho.

David Eatock, Ethel Ramahuma, Val Smith, Leung Ho, Salina Mtshali and Howard Motau.

The River Lodge 3 garden is growing!

Candles lit to bid Maggie farewell

Maggie Kgarose.

A Candlelighting Ceremony was held on May 26 to say farewell to a Ron Smith Care Centre employee who passed away on May 24, 2017, after a short illness.

Careworker Maggie Kgarose worked on the Cedar Park wing of the Rand Aid care centre. She was known for her kind and caring ways, especially with residents.

The ceremony was attended by management, staff and residents of Cedar Park, as well as by staff from all the other wings. “Maggie was beloved amongst all Ron Smith Care Centre staff,” says Rand Aid’s Senior Nursing Manager Avril Maltman.

One person after another stood up to attest to Maggie’s fine character and what she meant to them. Amongst those who will particularly miss her are Cedar Park residents Gordon and Joy Smith.

Sister Maria Symons lights a candle to honour the memory of careworker Maggie Kgarose.

Some of the staff and residents at the Candlelighting Ceremony.

Residents Gordon and Joy Smith commented how special Maggie was.

Matron Avril Maltman speaks some words of encouragement to Maggie’s daughter.

Attendees of the Candlelighting Ceremony.