Thursday, 2 November 2017

Letter of gratitude from family of former resident

27 October 2017

Dear Ron Smith Care Centre management and staff

RE: Gratitude for care of Margaret Cohen

This is just a note to express our sincere thanks to so many people at Elphin Lodge and Ron Smith Care Centre for their kindness and care of our mother, Margaret Cohen, in the weeks and days leading up to her passing.

Mom lived at Elphin Lodge for many years and as her health deteriorated, it was an enormous comfort to her – and to us – to know that even though she continued to live in her flat, help was just a call away.

After her last illness which resulted in her being in ICU for 35 days and in hospital for a further seven days, she was admitted to Ron Smith Care Centre’s River Lodge One.

We were blown away by the quality of the nursing care, the incredible compassion shown to her by every single person there – from the cleaning staff and nurse aides right through to the two amazing sisters – Sister Lianne and Sister Tilly.

Our father, Max Cohen, also spent his last days in River Lodge One some eight years ago. The contrast to what it was like then, and what it is like today, is incredible. Through your  Eden Alternative journey, the place has been transformed into a warm and homely environment. The pretty flowers in the bathrooms, the thoughtful messages and pictures on the walls contribute to this – but most of all it is the caring, friendly attitude of the staff, that makes such a difference. Mom was so appreciative of this loving care – and so were we.

We also truly appreciated the way Sister Lianne and Sister Tilly kept us constantly informed about her condition; the way they personally kept checking in on her, especially during her final days and hours; and for their compassion and caring for us, during her final hours and afterwards.

We’d also like to thank the admin team at Elphin – Phyllis Phillips, Auriel Wittert, the maintenance staff and so many more – for assisting us after mom’s passing with so many things: from the setting up of prayers in the clubhouse to assisting us with clearing her flat.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Barbara Baetu, Marilyn de Villiers and Jenny Michaeli (from New Zealand)

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