Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Fabric painters add colour to their lives

Mariana Duvenage (right) with fabric art instructor, Jacqueline Cloete.

Some fabric, bright pots of paint and creative minds is all it takes to create a little magic at Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre.

Over the past months, residents have enjoyed regular fabric paintings sessions under the guidance of instructor Jacqueline Cloete. Jacqueline says that they have made tremendous progress since they first started and they are now keen to learn more and to learn new techniques.

Before joining the class, they were used to doing, what Jacqueline calls, ‘colouring-in painting’ but over the past several months, they have been learning how to use the technique of shading, to give shape and form to their paintings and to make the subjects look more real.

They have created hand-painted cushions, shopping bags, placemats, tray cloths and even tablecloths. Some of the residents have enjoyed giving away their creations to their children, and were delighted to paint Christmas-themed gifts for their families and friends.

Resident Mariana Duvenage says that she had never painted before in her life, and now, as she heads towards her eighth decade, she has found a hobby that she loves and which brings her so much joy.  She is grateful that she has been given the opportunity to learn and to pursue her new passion at the Ron Smith Care Centre.

Lorraine Lowden.

Hilary Sidelsky with her beautiful painting of cats.

Close up of Hilary’s painting

Spreading the love at the care centre

Zina Rosen gives her husband, Joe, a Valentine’s kiss.

The residents and staff at Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre had not one but two days of celebration for the season of love! 

On Valentine’s Day, they spent the morning listening to the beautiful piano music of Martin Lane, who came appropriately dressed in a red fedora and red braces. He played many of their favourite evergreen songs which they thoroughly enjoyed. hen just before lunch, they were surprised by the care centre’s Activities Team, who went from room to room dishing out Valentine’s greetings, chocolates and hugs to all 150 residents.

Two days later, it was time for the Valentine’s Tea held in the hall which was gaily decorated with strings of red and pink hearts and pots of heart-shaped flowers which were made by staff and residents in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Volunteer Dara Migliore generously treated everyone to a wonderful selection of delicious cakes: red velvet, Bar One, Peppermint Crisp and carrot cake. And even after the cake, the residents still had space for the scones and donuts also on offer!
It was a very ‘sweet’ day, filled with lots of love and laughter.

Ken Cokayne, Dorothea Bekker and Lou Mer.

Mariana Duvenage, Dorothea Bekker and Lorraine Lowden.

Irene Watson, Dorothea Bekker and Dolly Luke.

Irene Nyadzane gives a delighted Gordon Ross a sweet Valentine’s kiss, while Elizabeth Peterson waits her turn.

Sipho Dube and Christine Kincaid-Smith.

Ellen Prinsloo. 

Priscilla Dlamini and Lorna Topp.

Gladys Rosenberg (middle) with her nephew Gary, who lives in Toronto, Canada, and her niece Sandy Smith.

Maria Roberts, Elizabeth Peterson, Halina Malujlo, Sue van der Neut, Bianca Richards, Janice Costigan, Pam Martins, Barbara Wapnick, Joan Patton and Lee-Ann Ramathibela feel the love.

Sarah Richards and Enzo Merolla all dressed in their Valentine’s Day finery.

Merle Uys, Marisa Sabato and Maria Roberts.

Jane Hart-Davis and Irene Nyadzane.

Marisa Sabato and Ros Benjamin.