Monday, 23 April 2018

Volunteers needed to walk with elders

Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre is set in the beautiful, expansive grounds of the Elphin Lodge Complex.

With a dam, prolific birdlife and stunning gardens, it is the perfect place to revive your soul, and what better way to do that, than by taking a walk through the village.

Walking as a recreational activity has numerous health benefits and can increase a sense of wellbeing as one experiences the joys of being outdoors. Walking can also lessen the symptoms of arthritis, decrease anxiety and depression and improve overall heart health.
With these benefits in mind, a walking group was started for the care centre residents a few years ago and is highly dependent on the help of volunteers as some participants are in wheelchairs and need to be pushed, while others need someone to walk by their side.

Debbie Christen, Rand Aid’s Manager:  Recreational Programmes says, “The Eden Alternative philosophy which we follow is based on the core belief that ageing should be a continuous stage of development, growth and pursuit of meaningful and joyful activities.  To this end, we so value our volunteers, who help our elders to keep their bodies, minds and spirits engaged and active.”

The Walking Programme takes place on Mondays from 11:00am and Thursdays from 10:30am. If you are able to volunteer your time, please contact Debbie on 011 882 6296 or email

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