Friday, 2 November 2018

Nurture by Nature Workshop

Two workshops were presented by Alice Ashwell, an environmental educator from Dementia Connections SA who flew up from Cape Town to teach us about the importance of making nature and the outdoors a part of everyday life here at the care centre. 
Getting a daily dose of morning sunlight is beneficial to our health; time spent in nature can help with fitness, stamina, appetite and bone health, and can strengthen our immune system and improve sleep.

Workshop participants did some craft and creative activities using nature’s resources and some relaxation exercises, all of which will be shared with care centre residents in the future. 

The care centre’s Debbie Christen comments: “This workshop helped us realise that this beautiful environment in which we are all so privileged to work and live, is not just for ‘pretty’ – it is a natural habitat where our souls can be calmed and nourished.”


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