Thursday, 24 January 2019

Cedar Park staff bond in fine style

One day in December 2018, Sister Eunice Lakay and her team of care workers at Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre got together to discuss what they could do for a relaxing and enjoyable team-building day. What they came up with was a ‘Me Time’ spoil at Sorbet: a lovely spa treatment, followed by a delicious lunch and social time at Cappuccino 

Restaurant at Greenstone Mall. What better way to use some of their Christmas bonus, than to indulge in a little de-stressing and relaxation, followed by eating delicious food and sharing their goals and aspirations for 2019. 

According to the staff, “It was a great day. We had a chance to get together away from work and talk about our personal lives. It was wonderful to be able to get to know each other on a more personal level, outside our work roles. We hope we can do this on a more regular basis – it’s fun!”

Adolphina Magwete and Angela Morrison enjoy some me-time.

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