Thursday, 15 October 2015

Ice lollies help walkers beat the heat

 Icy lollies for hot walkers

 Everyone at Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre has really been feeling the heat during the recent heat wave, especially the walking group led by volunteer Sheryl Emmett. On Monday, October 12, with temperatures rising into the early 30s, volunteer Dara Migliore decided to bring ice lollies for the walkers to cool them down at the half-way point. After walking through the beautiful Elphin Lodge gardens, the group parked off by the lake and enjoyed their ice lollies under the welcome shade of some trees. Resident Colleen Daly said that she couldn’t remember the last time she had an ice lolly and she enjoyed it so much. This was indeed ‘a cool treat!’ Pictured are Marion Tollitt (volunteer), Colleen Daly (resident) and Joan Gilbert (also a resident).

Stanley Bloch (River Lodge 1 resident) and volunteer Martie Strong.

Resident Frank Brown enjoys his ice lolly.

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