Thursday, 15 October 2015

This is who I am ... residents and staff get to know one another

Rose and Jane share their stories

‘Who am I’ is an initiative of Rand Aid’s Ron Smith Care Centre that allows residents and staff members to get to know one another better, in line with the people-centred care approach that they have embraced. The care centre hopes to receive its Eden Alternative accreditation within the next year. The Eden Alternative is a fast-growing philosophy that seeks to change the culture of today's old age homes, care facilities and other residential care settings, from sterile medical institutions to human habitats - environments where residents want to live and carers enjoy working. ‘Who am I’ is one of a number of initiatives started to help foster this philosophy at the care centre. At tea time, the life story of a resident and staff member is shared with all other residents of a particular wing, as well as the people who staff that particular wing. Once basic facts, likes, dislikes and hobbies are shared, there’s time for some chatting and questions. On October 9, a ‘Who am I’ session took place on the Lakeside wing and the stories of resident Jane Hart-Davis and careworker Rose Khanyile were shared. Rose wore a traditional Zulu outfit as her heritage is part of her story. 

 Rose Khanyile and Jane Hart-Davis.

Rose Khanyile gives a little Zulu dance demonstration, with residents and staff clapping along.

Residents Sylvia Lawrence, Jane Hart-Davis and Irene Jarman at the ‘Who am I’ event.

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